Born and raised in Fischhaus, a small village in Lower Bavaria, I was given a violin instead of a film camera at an early age, so I studied music in the first place.

But being really passionate about films I got dragged into it more and more by starting own little movies and doing some internships in the general field.

After working 18 month at FGV-Schmidle I began as freelance camera assistant and electrician, mostly at features and commercials, with the objective to learn as much as possible in the process.

In 2012 I felt ready to apply to the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. During my studies there I had a lot of good experiences, including a scholarship at La Femis in Paris in 2014.

What I like most about being a cinematographer is the variety of tasks you are confronted with: Shooting a documentary with nothing but your camera and your personal ability to create a telling image as well as, for example, finding the proper light for a commercial or feature.

This is what drives me: using the power of images to create the right mood and let them speak for themselves.